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UK based charities can apply for grants to protect tropical rainforests

The Waterloo Foundation is seeking applications for its environment grant programme entitled “Tropical Rainforests” to support initiatives working to protect tropical rainforests for their value to the climate, communities and biodiversity, principally through avoided deforestation.

The Foundation will support two types of projects:

Local Projects

  • Exposing, addressing and overcoming the local drivers of deforestation;
  • Management of the specified area;
  • Methods to measure and monitor the protected area;
  • Sustainable livelihoods for forest-dependent communities.

Strategic projects

  • Working on international or regional forest policy;
  • Campaigning for improved practices in commerce;
  • Innovative ways of reducing deforestation e.g. financial systems or solutions based on the value of forest ecosystem services.

Grant Size

The majority of the grants in this programme will be for a total of £50,000 – £100,000.

Eligibility Criteria

UK-based charities, many of whom work in close partnership with smaller local NGOs based in the countries in which they operate, are eligible to apply.
For tropical rainforest local projects applicants should be able to evidence previous successful tropical rainforest projects, with outcomes including:

  • Demonstrable protection of an area of tropical rainforest specified by hectare and cost;
  • Implementation of a management plan;
  • Improved livelihoods and income levels of forest-dependent communities;
  • The area of tropical forest the project will protect in hectares.

For tropical rainforest strategic projects:

  • Evidence of previous successful strategic programmes e.g. an attributable change in policy or improved supply chain. The Foundation may ask to see a full copy of the supporting data and evaluation at a later stage.
  • For your proposed programme, the specific measurable outcomes that you expect the programme to achieve, and the methods you will use to monitor these outcomes.
  • The strategy put in place to ensure the sustainability of the programme’s objectives for the long term.


1 June 2017

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via email to applications@waterloofoundation.org.uk. For more information, please visit the Tropical Rainforests Programme.