Team and Network

The EDInet core team has a wealth of talent and experience, and we have a determined, creative, and inclusive approach to every project we deliver, big or small.  We also coordinate the EDInet Network, which includes the people and organisations we work with and support throughout Scotland, the UK and EU. They share their experience and knowledge across sectors and boundaries, to help us all develop effective solutions to benefit people and our planet.

​Our mission is to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners by delivering outstanding consulting services and the platforms, infrastructure and tools to underpin and support delivery.


Our vision is to be an exemplar in the support and development of vibrant, creative, resilient and effective organisations and communities through social innovation. With the increasing complexity of technology and policies, today’s organisations need more diversified skills and expertise to develop and grow. EDInet aims to meet this need by providing professional services in a number of subjects based around strategy, EU funding, networking, training and feasibility studies. Thanks to its innovative structure, EDInet is able to provide clients with exclusively tailored consulting services that large consultancies find hard to supply.


EDInet prides itself on its values:

  • Highly skilled consultants
  • Focus on local talent
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Ethical
  • Social change promoter
  • Commitment to training (ongoing training for our consultants)
  • Reputation
  • People
  • Partnership builder