At EDInet we are always interested in talented, experienced, and passionate consultants to join our team.



All our consultants have a few things in common:

  • Have the client at heart: the client, and their core customers and service users, are why we exist. We look for business partners who share that belief
  • Like to collaborate: we don’t want you to simply get on with your work. We want you to ask questions, share your opinions, ideas and knowledge. And benefit from the intelligence, imagination and experience of the people around you – because there’s a lot to take advantage of.
  • Be a people’s person: you will be working with a broad team of people with different specialist skills (colleagues and customers) and relationships are extremely important. Not only do they bring new opportunities, but they also get the best results. You need to inspire trust and make things happen.
  • Determination: you must have a can do attitude and push for quality. The work may be demanding, but the results will also be great. Wouldn’t you want to be part of a winning team?
  • Skills and experience: fundamentally, what we look for in our consultants is a depth of expertise. We’re always interested in industry experts, and if you can bring specialist knowledge in any of our services, we can support you to become a fantastic consultant.

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