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Click – Technologies for Education of Youngsters is an 18 month project run by organisations and schools from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Latvia and the United Kingdom. The objective is to create open source educational material and stimulate the active participation of youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds (aged 12-18) in producing the materials by using ICT tools. We aim to stimulate youth involvement in producing educational materials – known as Click Lessons – together with school staff through Click Clubs. As part of the project, partners will create an online platform where the educational materials developed by school staff and pupils will be published and made available to youngsters from all backgrounds from all over the world.

The idea behind Click

Click partners believe passionately that simple ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. This underlying philosophy is the driving force behind the Click project. Through this project we want to stimulate the creativity of young people and support them in creating multimedia lessons to be shared with disadvantaged learners across the world. 

The Click model consists of: 

  • Events organised by project partners (local and transnational) specially adjusted to younger audiences and youth workers (mediators, teachers, educational content developers);
  • Online platform specifically structured and adapted to youth education purposes;
  • Lessons – educational videos created by pupils and teachers, which will be stored and shared through the online platform;
  • Clubs include project sessions where teachers, youth workers and pupils work together to: 
  • Develop, edit and publish educational content that they produce in the classroom;
  • Promote and share educational content inside and outside school;
  • Implement school internal TV channel, if wished, entirely managed, directed and created by youngsters with the support of teachers, thus permitting the development of relevant ICT skills.


  • Young people in school and outside school (aged 12-18), especially  those with fewer opportunities
  • Teachers and other relevant school staff
  • Youth workers
  • Decision makers and other stakeholders: local authorities, civil society organisations, etc.
  • Other schools and youth organisations in different geographical areas. 

Project Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the use of open source educational resources in helping disadvantaged youth.
  • Promote young people’s creativity, social inclusion and well-being.
  • Improve school attainment.
  • Enhance young people’s transversal skills.
  • Support the professional development of teaching staff and youth workers.


There are 9 organizations from 5 European countries collaborating for the achievement of Click goals:

  • Portugal: AECuba (group of schools, Project Coordinator) and Make it Better (NGO, Technical Coordinator);
  • Spain: Andaina – Galician Cooperative Society (Andaina, school) and Ecos do Sur (NGO, regional leading partner); 
  • Italy: Municipality of Reggio Calabria (local public authority) and Pronexus (NGO, regional leading partner); 
  • Latvia: Riga School of Arts and Crafts (school), and European Educational Circle (teacher training association, regional leading partner); 
  • Scotland/UK: European Development Innovation Network (NGO, regional leading partner).

To find out more about Click go to the project website. You can also follow our project on Facebook.