Interreg North Sea Region Programme call for proposals

The fourth call for expressions of interest (EoI) under the North Sea Region Programme is open for submissions until the 28 August 2017. The aim is to support development and foster sustained economic growth across the region. The North Sea Region Programme helps enterprises, institutions, public administrations, NGOs and others to pool their expertise, share their experience and cooperate to develop realistic solutions to problems shared by organisations across the region.

With a budget of 167 million euros, the programme is focused on four priority themes:

  • Thinking growth – objectives:
    • Develop new or improved knowledge partnerships between businesses, knowledge institutions, public administrations and end users with a view to long-term cooperation (post project) on developing products and services.
    • Enhance regional innovation support capacity to increase long-term innovation levels and support smart specialization strategies.
    • Stimulate the public sector to generate innovation demand and innovative solutions for improving public service delivery.
  • Eco-innovation – objectives:
    • Promote the development and adoption of products, services and processes to accelerate greening of the North Sea Region economy.
    • Stimulate the adoption of new products, services and processes to reduce the environmental footprint of regions around the North Sea.
  • Sustainable North Sea Region – objectives:
    • Demonstrate new and/or improved methods for improving the climate resilience of target sites.
    • Develop new methods for the long-term sustainable management of North Sea ecosystems.
  • Green transport and mobility – objectives:
    • Develop demonstrations of innovative and/or improved transport and logistics solutions with potential to move large volumes of freight away from long-distance road transportation.
    • Stimulate the take-up and application of green transport solutions for regional freight and personal transport.

Eligibility criteria

The North Sea Region Programme is open to any legal entity in the programme area, which is the whole of Norway and Denmark, eastern parts of the United Kingdom, the Flemish Region of Belgium, northwest Germany, the northern and western parts of the Netherlands and the south western area of Sweden.

You must apply as part of a partnership, and every partnership must include at least 2 beneficiaries from 2 different countries.

Funding rates

All partners can claim reimbursement of 50% of costs for all project activities. There is no formal minimum or maximum
budget for projects, but projects will be assessed on value for money and larger projects will be expected to deliver significant benefits to the programme area.


28 August 2017

How to apply

The application process has two steps: firstly, applicants submit their expression of interest and if successful, they will be invited to submit a full application.

For further details and to submit your expression of interest online, please visit North Sea Region Programme.