Funding for Scottish towns to help them reach their full digital potential

The Digital Towns Pilot Programme is a Scottish Government support programme to help Scottish towns  seeking to develop innovative and collaborative digital strategies.

The pilot programme is intended to encourage new strategic collaborations, improve digital participation and skills, and create scalable best practice models for digital deployment in Scotland’s towns/town centres and city neighbourhoods.

Eligible applicants

Towns, City Neighbourhoods, Business Improvement Districts and other town stakeholder organisations.

Successful applications will become ‘Digital Towns Pilots’, acting as examples of best practice for towns across Scotland in the development and deployment of digital strategies.

If your application is successful, an appointed advisor will provide consultancy and advice for your digital strategy, for example around skills, participation, design, procurement and sustainability. Each advisor will be available for a determined number of consultancy days as part of the award. Available awards are: 

  • 5 consultancy days from an expert industry advisor and £5,000 funding support. 
  • 3 consultancy days from an expert industry advisor.

Applications which are not successful will also be guided to sources of support and advice for their strategy.


31st August 2017

How to apply

To apply for this programme please visit Digital Towns and download the application form.