Heritage Grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund is seeking applications for its Heritage Grants programme that is open for any type of project related to the national, regional or local heritage in the UK.

Examples of projects that the Fund would support:

  • archaeological sites;
  • collections of objects, books or documents in museums, libraries or archives;
  • cultural traditions such as stories, festivals, crafts, music, dance and costumes;
  • historic buildings;
  • histories of people and communities;
  • histories of places and events;
  • the heritage of languages and dialects;
  • natural and designed landscapes and gardens;
  • people’s memories and experiences (often recorded as ‘oral history’);
  • places and objects linked to our industrial, maritime and transport history;
  • natural heritage including habitats, species and geology.

Grant size

Applicants can apply for a grant of over £100,000. The Heritage Lottery Fund will ask you to make a contribution towards
your project. They describe this as ‘partnership funding’ and it can be made up of cash, volunteer time, non-cash contributions, or a combination of all of these. Thus:

  • If your total grant request is less than £1 million, you must contribute at least 5% of the costs of your development
    phase and 5% of the costs of your delivery phase.
  • If your total grant request is £1 million or more, you must contribute at least 10% of the costs of your development
    phase and 10%  of the costs of your delivery phase.

Eligible applicants

  • not-for-profit organisations; and
  • partnerships led by not-for-profit organisations


7 December 2017

How to apply

The application process has two stages:

  1. You submit your first-round application with your delivery-grant request and, if needed, a development-grant request.
  2. If you are successful, you enter your development phase and develop your more detailed second-round application, with your delivery-grant request.

For further details and to apply, please visit The Heritage Lottery Fund.