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Grants for organisations working with women

The Feminist Review Trust is accepting applications until the 31 January 2018 for projects in the UK and internationally that support women. In 2018 the Trust will particularly welcome applications from non-OECD countries in the following areas:

  • Lesbian and transgender rights
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Disabled women and girls

The Feminist Review Trust will fund:

  • Hard to fund projects – for example  the Trust supported the writing and publication of the history of Rape Crisis in Scotland and the translation and updating sections of ‘Women and Their Bodies’ into Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Pump priming activities – this means that they will provide a small amount of funding to help start an activity in the hope that it will then be able attract sufficient funding to continue.
  • Interventionist projects which support feminist values – for example core feminist concerns such as abortion rights and domestic violence.
  • Training and development projects
  • One off events
  • Dissemination
  • Core funding

Grant size

The maximum value of any individual award is £15,000.


31 January 2018

How to apply

In order to apply applicants need to download the application form here and email it to administrator@feminist-review-trust.com when completed.

Decisions about Awards are made by the Trustees. The Trustees meet three times each year.

For further details and to apply please visit the Feminist Review Trust.