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UK based charities can apply for grants from the Waterloo Foundation for marine projects in Wales and internationally

The Waterloo Foundation is seeking applications for its “Marine Programme” to support initiatives working to halt the decline of fish stocks that communities in developing countries rely on, and those working to bring about sustainable fisheries in Wales.
Through the Marine Programme the Foundation will support two types of projects:

1. Local projects

Applications for local projects should demonstrate that they will positively impact upon the marine fisheries they are working to protect, and could include:

  • Development of marine protected areas or sustainable fisheries management;
  • Addressing local causes of over-exploitation of fish stocks and other seafood;
  • Creation of sustainable livelihoods for coastal and seafood dependent people.

2. Strategic projects

Applications for strategic projects that are working on addressing marine issues at a wider or international scale. These could include:

  • Working on international or regional marine policy;
  • Campaigning for improved practices in commerce;
  • Exploring different fishing practices and techniques;
  • Improving information exchange to eradicate illegal unreported and unregulated fishing.

Eligibility Criteria 

UK-based charities, many of whom work in close partnership with smaller local NGOs based in the countries in which they operate.

For local projects:

  • Applicants should be able to evidence previous successful marine projects, with outcomes including:
  • A demonstrable increase in fish stocks;
  • Implementation of a management plan over a specified and measurable area;
  • Improved livelihoods and / or income levels of fishery-dependent communities.

For strategic projects:

  • Evidence of previous successful strategic programmes e.g. an attributable change in policy or improved supply chain;
  • For your proposed project, the specific measurable outcomes that you expect the programme to achieve, and the methods you will use to monitor these outcomes;
  • The strategy put in place to ensure the sustainability of the programme’s objectives for the long term.

1 March 2017

How to Apply
Applications must be submitted via email to applications@waterloofoundation.org.uk. For more information, please visit the Marine Programme.