Indicative calendar for LIFE 2016 call

This is the indicative plan for the 2016 LIFE call, which is anticipates to be launched on 19 May 2016.
Traditional projects will continue to have staggered submission deadlines per priority area.

Project type Sub-programme/priority objective Deadline Indicative Budget (EUR) Submission route
Traditional projects Climate (CCA, CCM & GIC) 07-Sep 239,000,000 eProposal
Environment (ENV – Environment and Resource Efficiency) 12-Sep
Environment (NAT – Nature and Biodiversity and GIE – Environmental Governance and Information) 15-Sep
Preparatory Projects Environment* 20-Sep 1,920,000 paper to DG ENV
Technical Assistance Projects Environment 20-Sep 800,000 paper to DG ENV
Technical Assistance Projects Climate 20-Sep 160,000 paper to EASME
Integrated Projects Environment 26-Sep 79,200,000 paper to DG ENV
Integrated Projects Climate 26-Sep 16,000,000 paper to EASME

* There will be no Preparatory project call under the Climate sub-programme for 2016

Pre-screening deadlines
In order to support you in the build up to the 2016 Call the agency has set a pre-screening deadline of 27 June 2016.  Please submit them to: